MAR 21-APR 20

Sometimes, pressure is a good thing, as it brings out the best in you. You will outshine your colleagues in whatever you choose to do. But your expectRead More...


APR 21-MAY 21

Today might be a day of untying and getting out of the tangles, says Ganesha. You may take the blame for the actions of another. Things may get frustrRead More...


MAY 22-JUN 21

You had better start sharing your feelings with your family today, says Ganesha. Also, it's time to tell your family about your current financial statRead More...


JUN 22-JUL 22

You may discuss certain serious issues with your beloved today, predicts Ganesha. Your time till afternoon will be spent in discussions and deliberatiRead More...


JUL 23-AUG 23

After a long time, it seems as if the stars are aligning to bring something special for you. Call it your field day, but today, everything will go youRead More...


AUG 24-SEP 22

Surf's up as you enjoy an unexpected achievement! But your joy ride today may well be spent in vexing about the problems you have. Expect to gain new Read More...


SEP 23-OCT 23

Working for the government is always a key responsibility, says Ganesha. But today of all days proves to be fabulous and phenomenal for all those in gRead More...


OCT 24-NOV 22

Your business associates will emerge as intangible assets for you today, says Ganesha. You will probably start off an innovative joint venture withoutRead More...


NOV 23-DEC 21

It is not your nature to warm the bench, but you will wake up feeling lazy and laid-back today, says Ganesha. This may be due to the fatigue of some rRead More...


DEC 22-JAN 20

Plans for expanding business may require you to take risks, leaving you in a dilemma on more than one occasion. In such desperate circumstances, folloRead More...


JAN 21-FEB 18

Amid all the boring work buzz, you will manage to sustain your sense of humour. And, why not? After all, you are an expert at inducing a laugh riot! YRead More...


FEB 19-MAR 20

A day wherein you will be handling responsibilities on both the home front and at the workplace awaits you, says Ganesha. Expect to be involved in homRead More...

About Astrology

There are many people who believe in astrology and never do an important thing before consulting their astrologers. But what exactly is astrology? If we go by the literal meaning, the word astrology comes from the Latin word astrologia, which is derived from the Greek word astron that means star.
Astrologia eventually ended up meaning star divination and came to be called astrology. It mainly refers to the belief that stars and planets and their specific alignments have the power to affect the lives of individuals, especially their mood, their basic personality traits, and much more.
On the basis of the alignments, astrologers, who study astrology and these star movements, create horoscopes that are connected with the zodiac signs.
Zodiac signs are based on people's birth dates and through horoscopes, astrologers make predictions about the happenings in people's lives, what steps they should take and more. Many people and cultures have attached importance to astrology and astronomical events that they believe have the answer to many questions related to life.
Elaborate systems have been set up to make predictions based on celestial events and to explain why a certain thing is happening in a person's life or why a person has a certain personality. Astrologers use the positions of the sun, moon, and other celestial objects at the time of birth to make predictions. As far as the zodiac signs are concerned, there are 12, namely, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius. So, get to know information about your zodiac sign and gain insight into your daily life by reading the astrological predictions made for your zodiac sign.