OnePlus Pad Go to Debut in India on October 6: Here's What It Will Look Like

OnePlus is set to launch its latest tablet, the OnePlus Pad Go, with an exclusive debut in India on October 6. The tablet features a unique Twin Mint colourway and is designed to offer an affordable, entertainment-focused experience. The Pad Go's distinctive design and budget-friendly approach are generating anticipation among Indian consumers.

Updated Sep 18, 2023 | 11:27 PM IST

OnePlus Pad Go

OnePlus Pad Go will be an 'economical, entertainment-oriented tablet.'

OnePlus is gearing up for the launch of its latest tablet, the OnePlus Pad Go, with an exclusive release in India. The company recently revealed the tablet's design, showcasing a Twin Mint colour option. This affordable, entertainment-oriented tablet is set to hit the Indian market next month.
OnePlus Pad Go India Launch
In a press statement, OnePlus officially confirmed that the OnePlus Pad Go will make its debut in India on October 6. Just a few months ago, OnePlus launched its first tablet, the OnePlus Pad, featuring an 11.61-inch 144Hz display and a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 SoC.
The tablet is expected to be available for purchase through popular online platforms in India, including Flipkart and Amazon India.
Exclusive Design in Twin Mint
The OnePlus Pad Go boasts a unique design, with a striking colourway called Twin Mint. The tablet features two distinct shades of green and a centrally placed rear camera, giving it a distinctive look.
Impressive Display and Certification
OnePlus has also shared some key features of the Pad Go. The tablet will sport a 2.4K display, promising excellent visuals. Additionally, it will come with a T?V Rheinland certification for lower blue light emissions, promoting eye comfort during extended use.
Affordable Entertainment Tablet
Described as an 'economical, entertainment-oriented tablet,' the OnePlus Pad Go aims to provide an affordable yet feature-packed tablet experience to consumers. The earlier OnePlus Pad came in two storage variants, priced competitively.
Anticipation for the Launch
OnePlus fans in India are eagerly awaiting the October 6 launch of the OnePlus Pad Go. The tablet's unique design, impressive display, and budget-friendly approach make it a promising addition to OnePlus's product lineup. The company had initially teased the tablet's launch alongside other products in early 2024, but it seems Indian consumers will get a taste of this tablet much sooner.
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