Special Session Of Parliament | What Is The Agenda? | Cong MP Singhvi On Mirror Now | Urban Debate

Updated Sep 18, 2023 | 10:32 PM IST

In tonight's episode of "The Urban Debate" with anchor Shreya Dhoundial, we delve into the latest news on the special session of Parliament that starts today and will go on for five days. We will inform you about the eight bills that the government wants to pass including the Women's Quota Bill and OBC Quota Bills. As the Bill is speculated to be discussed in the special session of the Parliament which is supposed to be held in the new building. We have Dr. Abhishek Mannu Sanghvi with us in our panel tonight who is a Congress MP, "If the reservation is 33% or 45% or 50%, the equality principle will not be violated. The argument of strike rate is fallacious". Watch!#specialparlsession #specialsession #newparlbuilding #womenquota #latestnews #shreyadhoundial #urbandebate #mirrornow