Bengaluru's 'Creepiest Notice Board Ever' Will Make You Think Twice Before Smiling | Viral Post

A picture from the city of Bengaluru is going viral. the picture featured a warning sign that prohibited the plucking of flowers. The image was posted on X with the caption, 'The creepiest notice board ever.'

Updated Sep 18, 2023 | 03:48 PM IST


A notice board in Bengaluru is going viral. Photo: X/@KismiBar

As children, we were taught not to pluck flowers, but rather admire them. However, we all have that urge to pluck flowers at times, especially if they look too beautiful. Keeping the latter tendencies of people in mind, authorities usually put out warning notice boards in public spaces. One such signage from Bengaluru is going viral on social media because of its eerie twist.
A picture of the warning sign was posted on X by a user named @KismiBar. In the image, the warning sign nestled among flowers stated, "Please do not pluck flowers…we are watching!!! If caught smiling while plucking flowers…you will be fined INR 500/-." The post was captioned, "The creepiest notice board ever!!" Indeed, it lives up to its description!" The user called it a Peak Bengaluru moment.
Meanwhile, notes like these are not new in India's tech city. Previously, a sign put up at Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) prohibited visitors from jogging or running on the park premises. However, what stood out was the third sign that said, "No Anti-clockwise walking." The image was posted on Reddit with the caption, " Sign I encountered in a park today."
Netizens were quick to comment on the post. Most people found it extremely hilarious. To say the least, Bengaluru is full of surprises. A recent headline from the city involved a woman peeling vegetables while waiting in traffic. The image showcased a lady peeling peas and green chickpeas inside a car.
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