Sep 19, 2023

?Isha Koppikar Is Super Mom To Her Daughter Rianna

Sumit Rajguru

Isha Koppikar's Birthday

Isha Koppikar is celebrating her 47th birthday today, and she will be celebrating her special day with her husband and daughter Rianna.

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Isha Koppikar Is A Super Mom

Isha Koppikar is a super mom to her daughter, Rianna. She gives a major mom goals to fans.

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Dotting Mom

Isha Koppikar is a dotting mom to Rianna, as her adorable moments often go viral on social media.

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Travel Partner

Isha Koppikar's favourite travel partner is Rianna, and their pics are poof.

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Isha Koppikar's adorable picture with little angel, Rianna is too cute to miss.

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Isha Koppikar often takes her daughter Rianna out for picnics so that she can keep a balance between her education and extra curricular activities.

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Introduction To Spirituality

Isha Koppikar introduced her daughter Rianna to Brahmakumaris.

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Let's Be Like Kids

Isha Koppikar and Rianna had a great time at Disney Land.

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Isha Koppikar and her husband Timmy Narang have been doing their parenting duties beautifully.

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