Zodiac Signs Who Are Least Likely To Cheat In A Relationship

Sep 17, 2023

Rhea Varghese


Taurus people are renowned for their loyalty and love for their mates. They are less prone to betray because they value consistency and security in partnerships.

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Most To Least Attractive Zodiac Signs


Cancers are frequently perceived as deeply passionate and emotional lovers. They appreciate emotional ties and have a tendency to guard their bonds with others.

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Virgos are renowned for their attention to detail and strong sense of duty. They exhibit riskier behaviours like cheating less frequently.

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Harmony and balance are important to Librans in their relationships. In order to maintain the balance, they frequently steer clear of conflict and are less prone to lie.

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Scorpios are recognised for their intensity, but they also frequently place high importance on loyalty and strong emotional bonds. If they are in a committed relationship, they could be less prone to cheat.

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Capricorns are responsible and goal-oriented. They are less prone to betray since they usually take relationships seriously and are committed to them.

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Although they can also be ferociously devoted to their partners, Aquarians place a high emphasis on their freedom and independence. If they have a happy relationship, they could be less prone to cheat.

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Pisces signs have empathy and compassion. They frequently place a high value on emotional connection and may abstain from adultery in order to protect their partner's feelings.

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