Instant Tiger Detection: AI-Powered Cameras Can Send Alerts In 30 Seconds | DETAILS

The artificial intelligence-based camera system is currently undergoing testing in the Kanha-Pench corridor of Madhya Pradesh.

Updated Sep 19, 2023 | 05:22 PM IST


An artificial intelligence-based camera system has been designed for monitoring wildlife and deterring poaching.

TrailGuard AI, an artificial intelligence-based camera system designed for monitoring wildlife and deterring poaching, is currently undergoing testing in the Kanha-Pench corridor of Madhya Pradesh. This initiative was announced by the Global Tiger Forum (GTF), National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), Clemson University, and the NGO RESOLVE.
“It is a real-time technology developed in India where the camera not only clicks the wild animals but also identifies the species of interest,” said Mohnish Kapoor, head, programme & partnerships, GTF, Times of India reported.
How does TrailGuard AI function?
In forests, cameras equipped with infrared sensors are strategically placed. These cameras continuously monitor the movements of wild animals, including tigers, and promptly send images to cellphones within just 30 seconds. The technology can transmit over 2,500 images on a single battery charge. Beyond wildlife observation, it can play a crucial role in detecting poachers and contribute to census counts of tigers and elephants.
The technology initially underwent prototyping in Africa over a span of four years before being tested in India. Since May 2022, it has been deployed in and around five tiger reserves in North India.
Originally designed to detect poachers, the technology has evolved with the incorporation of new AI algorithms, allowing it to identify eight output classes: felids, canids, elephants, rhinos, sloth bears, wild pigs, humans, and a catch-all category for other mammals and large birds.
“TrailGuard AI has moved from proof-of-concept to becoming part of the toolbox to reduce man-wildlife conflict. This technology can be spread to the other tiger range states,” said HS Negi, senior advisor, GTF, The Times of India reported.
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