?How Building A Relationship With Yourself Looks Like

Sep 19, 2023

Kanakanjali Roy

Why Is It Important To Build A Relationship With Yourself?

Building a conscious relationship with yourself is one of the most important life changing decisions you could ever make. It is necessary to understand that every other relationship is born from the one you have with yourself.

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A slow process

It is the slow and gradual process of learning to reconnect with the person you never gave space to.

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Listening to your feelings

It is listening to the feelings you always ignored, and also to that voice within your heart you pretended was not there.

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?Connecting with your emotions

It is learning to connect with your emotions and become a witness to your thoughts.

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Knowing when to take a break

It is learning to know when to take a break and when your body and mind is at its full capacity.

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Grieving your old self

It is grieving your old self, the mistakes you have made, and learning to love the person you are now aspiring to become.

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?Being compassionate with yourself

Be compassionate and patient with yourself. It is about feeling safe enough to be held by yourself.

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Taking hard decisions

It is about taking the hard decisions in life to better yourself. It is about knowing that building a relationship with yourself is one of the most rewarding decisions you could ever make.

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